Baby-Faced Beauty (aka Babyfaced Beauty)

Baby-Faced Beauty (aka Babyfaced Beauty)

Other name: 동안미녀 Dongan Minyeo Youthful Beauty Pretty Young Woman Baby Faced Beauty


This drama is centered around a 34-year-old woman Lee So Young (Jang Na Ra) with a babyface as she works to become a fashion designer and overcomes obstacles like only having a high school diploma and a bad credit history.

Choi Jin Wook (Daniel Choi) is the heir of the famous Jokbal restaurant with millions of dollars in annual revenue. But, Choi Jin Wook goes against his father and leaves his parents' house. Choi Jin Wook starts to work at another company to accomplish his dream. Against his will, Choi Jin Wook starts working in the fashion department. With his sweet character, he survives there and meets Lee So Young.

Director: Lee So Yeon [이소연] and Lee Jin Seo [이진서]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Business; Comedy; Romance;

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