Love Vacance (Koi no Bakansu)

Love Vacance (Koi no Bakansu)

Other name: In Love and Loving It , Love on Hold , An Irony of Fate , Koi no Vacance


Work, romance, and life take on a strange twist when a chance meeting at a bar between company salaryman Mayuzumi Kankuro (portrayed by comedian Akashiya Sanma) and his managing director's secretary (Suzuki Anju) leads to an engagement rumor. Soon fellow employees and family members are drawn into the mess. Kankuro's career with the company could be affected as things become complicated and misunderstandings occur in every step he makes in this romantic comedy, and things only get worse with his inability to set the rumor straight

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 0

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance;

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