Lunch Gokon Tantei - Koi to Gurume to Nazotoki to

Lunch Gokon Tantei - Koi to Gurume to Nazotoki to

Other name: ランチ合コン探偵〜恋とグルメと謎解きと〜 , Lunch Goukon Tantei , Lunch Matchmaking Private Detective , The Lunchtime Detective


Reiko Akutsu (Reina Triendl) works for a residential construction company. She plans a lunch matchmaking meeting to find love with someone in the same company. New employee Yuika Amano (Mizuki Yamamoto) offers to join the matchmaking event. Yuika Amano and Reiko Akutsu hold the luncheon and meet two men. During their lunch, Yuika Amano and Reiko Akutsu hear a story filled with riddles by the two men. Yuika Amano can't help but to solve the riddles. Going forward, during their lunch matchmaking meetings, Yuika Amano hears various stories involving things like ghosts or missing people and she attempts to solve the mysteries.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Mystery;

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