My Fair Gentleman (2009)

My Fair Gentleman (2009)

Other name: 窈窕绅士 Yao Tiao Shen Shi Dirt Rich in Shanghai Dirt Rich in Shang Hai


Wu Jia Qian opened a marketing company which is struggling to survive in Shang Hai. Once she had deals with a upstart entrepreneur Mr Zeng Tian Gao, Mr Zeng employed Miss Wu to re-package and design his personal image to produce results a change of himself in pursuit of a female model Fang Na who dislike his vulgar. Miss Wu made a full upgrade for Mr Zeng not only improves the taste of his dress, but also changed his artistic accomplishment. Miss Wu take full advantage of her marketing strategy, making Mr Zeng famous one night after long-time training and Fang-na fell into love with Zeng when they met again. But this time Mr Zeng felt his real love is Miss Wu.

Director: Peter Lee [李巨源]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2009

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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