Puppy Love (2020)

Puppy Love (2020)

Other name: 那年我的初恋


Shen Yi Hang, a high school student, has excellent academic performance in school due to his handsome appearance. He is a well-deserved school grass. He has captured countless girls in the school.

Once he met him and met his ordinary female classmate Xia Xuan. She was deeply touched by her kind and excellent. Attracted, in order to get close to Xia Xuan, she used various methods to make herself appear in front of her, and slowly developed her love for her.

During a volunteer service outing, Shen Yi Hang was ready to muster up the courage to express her feelings, but Xia Xuan accidentally had a car accident. , Was seriously injured and was hospitalized. Through this unexpected change, Xia Xuan was completely changed. On the day she was discharged from the hospital, Chen Yue Ze, Shen Yi Hang’s best friend, transferred to the school and met Xia Xuan who had reported to the school. Chen Yue Ze identified Xia Xuan as himself. The pursuing woman constantly creates opportunities to contact Xia Xuan and pull Shen Yi Hang to accompany him, but because of this, Shen Yi Hang also understands Chen Yue Ze's heart, and Shen Yi Hang chooses to hide his feelings in the constant inner struggle.

Director: Huang Lan Jia [黄蓝嘉]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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