The Struggle of 80's

The Struggle of 80's


One is a graduate of universities "white Fu-mei", one is to study the return of "rich handsome", they are all mouth "rich." "Rich" is the word in today's society is already with the "ignorant", "extravagant" put a hook. However, in this film, the hero and heroine have to give a superior living environment, rejected the parents for their good paved road of life, he took to achieve self-worth, to pursue their own dreams and life. Chasing their dreams in the process is not easy, given the dual pressures of family and society and also let them know the frustration is the only way to success, after a lot of things, they still choose to accept the challenge, down to earth, completely off out are "rich" negative label, successfully transformed into "a generation" to change the entrenched impression, inspire young people chasing the dream fight.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy; Drama;

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