Tokumei Keiji Kakuho no Onna 2

Tokumei Keiji Kakuho no Onna 2

Other name: 特命刑事 カクホの女2 , Kakuho no Onna 2 , Tokumei Keiji Kakuho no Onna Season 2


Miura Aya has been feeling depressed even though she was given a promotion, and assigned from Kanagawa Prefectural Police headquarters to a police precinct as a deputy police chief. However, this is only a job title. In reality, all she has been doing is counter work. Hojo Yuriko retired but has returned as a part-time detective. This odd pair who are like oil and water team up once again. Freed from the constraints of the police organization in their current positions, they run riot.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Crime;

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